2 Corinthians 5:20

We are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: We implore you on Christ's behalf,
Be Reconciled To God

Friday, February 12, 2010

Christ with His Bride, part 1

"My blessed husband, the author of this piece, as according to the grace given unto him... has been led to open up [this] book of the holy scriptures, wherein the Lord's people did very much desire to know the mind of the Spirit, [it] being somewhat darker, and less easily understood, than many, if not than all the rest... this book of Solomon, the Song of Songs, or the most excellent Song;

containing the largest and liveliest discoveries of the love of Jesus Christ, the King, Bridegroom, and Husband of his church, to her His Queen, Bride, and Spouse; and of hers to Him, with those spiritually glorious interviews, holy courtings, most superlative, but most sincere, commending and cordial entertainings of each other, those mutual praisings and valuings of fellowship;-those missings, lamentings, and bemoanings of the want thereof;-

those holy impatiencies to be without it, swelling to positive and peremptory determinations, not to be satisfied, nor comforted in any thing else, those diligent, painful and restless seekings after it, till it be found and enjoyed, on the one hand;-and those sweet, and easy yieldings to importunity, and gracious grantings of it, on the other; with those high delightings, solacings, complacencies, and acquiescings in, and heartsome embracings of one another's fellowship:-"

- The Epistle Dedicatory of Margaret Durham commending the commentary of her husband James Durham on the Song of Solomon to the Lady, Viscountess of Kenmure, 1669. Her letter is impressive, being much more spiritually full and edifying, savoring of a rich, experiential acquaintence with the deeps truths of Christ's Word, than even the preface to the reader by the justly renowned scholar, John Owen.

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